Meet the Family

TheCloneThis is my oldest daughter, affectionately known as TheClone, because she looks, acts and thinks just like me. She’s 19 and recently left home. She got me real good on her blog when she said in her comments that she was practically married. She tends to keep major decisions to herself until she thinks the time is right, so I half believed she’d married the young man she had dated before she moved here. She was kidding. This time.
IMG 0810Country is 14 and earned her nickname because of her penchant for country music. Now her musical tastes are expanding. She enjoys cheer leading and reading and television. She is as addicted to the internet as I am. She is an awesome cook, too!
IMG 0551Here’s Diva, making the “cheer face”. She’s 12.5, all that and then some. She enjoys writing and television and reading. She’s a little social butterfly, and enjoys interacting with others, as well as tormenting her brother. She is such a help to me, especially with the babies, and I’d be lost without her. I’m not quite sure where she got tall and thin from, but I’m happy for her. Usually.

IMG 0099This is my oldest son. We call him Stuntman, because he can do things like flips on the trampoline, and loves to do tricks on his back. He also like to play secret agent, and has a neat sense of humor. he knows how to laugh at himself, and he keeps the rest of us in stitches as well. He’s a new nine, more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

IMG 0297This is my second son, affectionately known as Spiderman, or Spidey. Spidey is eight years old today. It doesn’t even seem possible. He enjoys Cub Scouts, card games and sword fights. He likes POTC and Nash Bridges. He’s super smart, and promises to use his super spidey powers for good. He’s a bundle of raw energy, and also a very loving child.

batmanThis is Batman. This guy has a smile that will melt my sternest disciplinarian heart. He also has a penchant for wandering around the house consuming other people’s food and drinks. The running joke around here when something good comes up missing is “Batman ate it.”

Drama April28 Meet Drama. That’s pronounced DR-short a-Muh. Everything is cause for either alarm or jubilation to this child. She keeps the rest of us in stitches with her freely given giggles as well as her keening wail. She’s getting to be Miss Independence, and is almost diaper free.

IMG 0749Ok, what can I say about a child who climbs in the dryer? Yes, we laugh at her all the time. She’s just funny, and she knows it. She also thinks we can’t see her if she hides her eyes, and that is just hilarious. DaBaby gives great hugs, and loves to nap in her highchair. Yes, you can read that as “only sleeps when tied down”.

3 Responses
  1. Loretta (22 comments.) :

    Date: September 14, 2007 @ 10:18 am

    I think your Batman and my Batman would get along just lovely ;) Mine’s only Batman when he has his cape on though LOL

  2. Mrs. Mecomber (3 comments.) :

    Date: December 7, 2007 @ 1:17 pm

    Your oldest and youngest have your big blue eyes. :)

    Well, you’ve got me beat. I have “just” four children. My eldest will be 18 soon. I thought you had eight kids? You’ve only introduced five.. are the others shy, or invisible?

  3. Leanne (1 comments.) :

    Date: March 18, 2011 @ 8:55 am

    What a lovely family you have!! :)

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