Grown Up Talk

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Well, kids, this is interesting. And you know, you don’t need it yet, but some day you may. And I willl have forgotten about it by then or you will be too embarssed to ask your mom about such a thing, so I am just going to quietly slip you this link: Passion and Pleasure.

Use it when you hit a little slump in your relationships. It’s online, so it’s private. And it’s cheaper than a divorce. I’m just sayin’

Giant Lists

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So, I’m sitting here in the quiet, thinking of all the things I need to do to finish up school and get myself moved to Maryland so I can start school again. I’m a bit overwhelmed. My teens who could be a big help as far as weeding through all the stuff in this house are in revolt at my departure, never mind that they are the ones who elected not to go, and I cannot motivate them to do a thing. I guess the saving grace is that between the time I finish up the semester and they finish the school year, I will have about six weeks to wrap up this house. I can get a lot of cleaning, sorting, and packing done without their advice.

I want to bookmark something else, though. When I wrote my narratives for my field placement application for UMB, I had to lay out what my long-range professional goals are. And the big one, the career capper as it were, is going to require a good deal of other people’s money. I’m going to need to solicit donations to get the project going. I’m thinking I may use List Giant to get a start. They specialize in phone and email list generation, and the website says you can sort by various demographics to generate customized lists of contacts. I can assume “wealthy and generous” is a demographic, right?

I wonder if I can get them to do a virtual walk here through and generate a list of all the stuff I need to do between now and then? Maybe that’s a good project for the weekend. Between papers, of course.

I fold

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You win. After checking the 10 day forecast and discovering that this is NOT the last cold snap, I have purchased a second heater. I t will be here Thursday. You’re welcome. I hope you don’t mind that I didn’t also buy the numark ndx 400. Although…it would probably put off some heat. Who knows. I do know I am through freezing if I can help it!


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Yes, I know it’s cold. Really cold. Like, less than 40 degrees cold. But tomorrow…tomorrow, it will be seventy plus. And hopefully it will stay warm after that. Maybe. It’s March for crying out loud! So, please quit whining, grab yourself and extra blanket (good thing your mom is a knitter) and play your fender stratocaster from guitar center. Or at least air play it, since all of you should be wearing mittens!