Library? Check!

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Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow. Dh got up last night and started moving furniture. If you don;t remember what it looked like yesterday, go ahead and scroll down and have a look. The library is now done! I am so excited. Here’s what it looked like when we began this morning.

Library area:
IMG 1441

Front door area:
IMG 1442

The front door area still looks much the same, but the library has undergone a miraculous transformation! There are a total of 5 sets of shelves here. (We have 2 more, one by my desk that holds my manuals, cook books, knitting books and scout books, and one by the front door for active school books.) This just feels so good! I have missed my books.
IMG 1446

I will work on the front door area tomorrow. I’d consider putting one of the computers there, except that I don’t have a long enough Cat5e, and my kids are internet junkies, just like me. This afternoon will be spent on a couple of short blog posts, and then lesson plans and paperwork.

I Decided to Build a Library

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Because I guess I thought writing the lesson plans, filling out some government paperwork and planning the pack meeting, and scheduling the youth group were not enough of a to-do list to keep me busy. But daggone, it is exciting to visit all my books again! Here’s what it looked like late yesterday when I got started, and by late, I mean after supper, ya’ll.

This is a shot of the front door, where shelves are being moved from and the couch is going:
IMG 1423
There is a set of shelves you can’t see behind that cabinet.

Here is where the library will be:
IMG 1422

My husband does laundry on the weekend, but he does not fold. Don’t laugh, but it makes Mondays real touchy in the laundry arena. Also, there are still some Christmas presents under there.

And here is what those same areas looked like when we started again this morning. Country is helping, because she is almost as excited as I am to have all the books back. It’s…..wonderful.
IMG 1426IMG 1425

Coin Collecting

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My oldest two boys collect state quarters, and I guess that makes them nu-num-numismatics (yeah, I had to look that up, LOL). I still have to remind them occasionally that the quarters need to stay in their folders, because they enjoy comparing who has what, but I am also hopeful that what began as a Boy Scout project may turn into a lifelong hobby for them. See, numismatists don’t just collect coins (which can get pretty expensive); the term actually refers to those who study currency, which is actually pretty fascinating, and also free, if you use the library and internet.

I went to Monaco Rare Coin tonight and while I found the rare gold coins interesting, I also enjoyed the article on getting started in rare coin collecting. And it was much easier to understand than the overly excited guys who come on the tv at 2am, selling coins one night and knives the next. Obviously, it’s a long jump from quarters to rare coins, and that will come later, if ever for my sons, but it’s never too early to get them excited about learning more about something that interests them. I think I need to capitalize on their current interests and help kindle a flame, don’t you?

On a Mission and the Weekend Report

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I told the children today that we are not putting the tree up until the house is clean. Judging by the lack of hop-to-it-iveness, only one of them actually believes me. Nonetheless, I am committed. The house will be clean, and it will be clean before the tree goes up and if I have to do it myself, so be it. I have until the 13th of January when the extended family arrives to get my ducks in a row, and I figure 4-5 hours a day oughta take just about that long. Ok, maybe not that much, LOL.

I have a huge container of clothes set aside for goodwill, and will likely have several more. I have decided that if I am not actively waiting for a child to grow into something, it’s outta here: stained stuff to the garbage and good stuff to someone who can use it NOW. We have reached a crisis of space and something must give. I kinda like all the people, and so it must be some STUFF. Unless, of course, you have a hot tip on some Wilmington NC real estate, and then we can chat. Hurry up though, because tomorrow, I’m going back to it.

As for the weekend, I was up at 7am on Saturday, and I walked in the Christmas Parade with the Cub Scouts. Two miles. And that was two miles that I had intended to sit for, LOL. Here’s a picture of the float before the parade started. Did I mention I walked two unintended miles? Yeah, and also, I did not wear foot gear designed for such a walk. I ended up with a blister on the bottom of my foot.

pic120807 3

After the parade, with it’s unintended two mile walk, we went skating with the church youth. Now do you see why the unintended walk was a big deal? Here’s photographic evidence of that excursion, so I can use it for a reminder later.

pic120807 4

I was in bed by 8:45.

Sunday: church, run see Grandmother for probably the last time, grocery shopping, and church business meeting. I think I saw my husband for about 10 minutes, total, broken up into 3 segments, but I am not actually sure. Silly me, I thought the weekend was for relaxing!

Let kids be kids

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I’ve had a couple of things happen in my mothering journey lately that I want to talk about, and although they seem unrelated, my response to them is the same: Kids are kids. Like a realtor hawking “location, location, location”, I want to chant “let them be, let them be, let them be”.

We began the yearly round of dentist visits last month, and the dentist put sealants on the baby teeth my kids had. Now, I have nothing against sealants per se, the idea is sound. But then the kids were told no gum or sticky candy. Whoa and back up. Is that a dental decision or a parenting decision? Who is gum made for? And what if I prefer for my children to have starburst over a jawbreaker? In fact, the receptionist said “you’d be better off eating chocolate”. I guess I’m partly aggravated because it was not explained to me BEFORE the sealants were put on that I would need to monitor everything my kids ate forever. Sigh. Am I now a bad parent because I don’t see candy as inherently evil? Whatever. Here, you want some gum? You can brush your teeth later, but for now… enjoy!

The other thing had to do with cheerleading. (Oh, I need to post some pictures and tell you about competition so remind me, but that’s not gonna happen in this post.) I watched the competition yesterday, and while it was fun, it reminded me a lot of the beauty pageants. I saw little girls, 6 and 7 years old in full makeup. That’s just….wrong. A little lip gloss to make them feel like a princess on their special day is one thing, but these babies had on as much makeup as I did. Wrong, I say! I also saw a lot of those hair pieces with the corkscrew curls. Those did look awful cute bouncing around on the back of the girls’ heads, I must say, but I worry if it send the message to them that their own hair isn’t pretty enough, or if they see it as just a fun thing to do, like playing dress-up.

You want your kids to grow up, ya know? But not so quick. Not before it’s time.

Colors, they are amazing

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So, we were watching Star Trek TNG tonight, and Stuntman was trying to figure out the significance of the uniform colors. He got the blue for medical, and then asked about the red and green. Green? Of course, having had my eyes dilated and scanned within a millimeter of my photo receptors life, I am only going on memory, because I can’t see colors so well just now, but I am pretty sure there are no green Star Trek uniforms. Right?

Good thing I happen to know this particular son is “color deficient”, or I’d be adjusting the home theater lighting. Of course, the fact that several of his sibs were snickering at him does help to convince me that my memory is correct. I’m pretty sure it was yellow.

Master Mom

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Just yesterday, I waxed poetic about Stuntman, and what a difference little boys are. Last night, we had a parents meeting for the boy scouts. It seems the guy who was going to be the Cub Master has dropped off the face of the earth. I swore I was not going to do this, I told them they would have to find someone else. But in the end, I have taken on the role of Cub Master for my boys’ pack, because I could not stand the thought of having to come home and tell my boys there would be no scouts this year.

Darn that boy, he’s been nothing but extra work since I first popped him into my baby sling. I guess that’s just the way the french fries are eaten.

And then there were 2

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Boys and Dh= off to football games
Big girls= off to get pictures made
Two babies= still at home with
Me= hopping

and this concludes our maternal poetry interlude.


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And yesterday, there was art. Art of the plaster and paints sort. We made frescoes. I had never worked with plaster of Paris before, so that was quite interesting. I will tell you that it is lighter than water, and so you need more of it by volume. The instructions are to mix by weight. Because, yes, we all have precisely calibrated digital scales in our kitchen, right? Whatever.

I took pictures. Now I can prove to you and them that we do fun stuff in school, occasionally.
IMG 0552

IMG 0554 IMG 0557 IMG 0558 IMG 0563

Football and….. football…. and Rodeo

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So, I finally got the kids’ game schedules. It’s not pretty. Our options seem to be stay at the field 10 hours, or make two trips most weeks. The exception is the week where most of the kids are on the field at the same time. Different fields. Yay! So far, my weekends are only eaten up through October, but I’m sure that’s because they haven’t finished the rest of the schedule yet. I surely do wish the boys were involved in a sport I understood, yk? I’ve tried, really. And dh explains it anew each fall, but I just. don’t. get. it.

See, I understand baseball. I understand soccer. I understand and enjoy the rodeo. In fact, if my kids were to get involved in rodeo, I wouldn’t mind having to be there for 10 hours every Saturday! The only ones I’ve seen live have been County Fair ones, but we also watch it on TV. I’d love to go to an event like the Houston Rodeo! The boys and I would totally get into the bull-riding and everyone else would enjoy the music and rides. Looking at last year’s Houston Rodeo Tickets schedule, I see that some of Country’s favorite acts played. If we win the lottery, maybe I can get Houston Rodeo concert tickets for all of us for next year’s she-bang. That would be rocking cool, especially if I could get my SIL and her family to meet us there!

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