Library? Check!

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Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow. Dh got up last night and started moving furniture. If you don;t remember what it looked like yesterday, go ahead and scroll down and have a look. The library is now done! I am so excited. Here’s what it looked like when we began this morning.

Library area:
IMG 1441

Front door area:
IMG 1442

The front door area still looks much the same, but the library has undergone a miraculous transformation! There are a total of 5 sets of shelves here. (We have 2 more, one by my desk that holds my manuals, cook books, knitting books and scout books, and one by the front door for active school books.) This just feels so good! I have missed my books.
IMG 1446

I will work on the front door area tomorrow. I’d consider putting one of the computers there, except that I don’t have a long enough Cat5e, and my kids are internet junkies, just like me. This afternoon will be spent on a couple of short blog posts, and then lesson plans and paperwork.

I Decided to Build a Library

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Because I guess I thought writing the lesson plans, filling out some government paperwork and planning the pack meeting, and scheduling the youth group were not enough of a to-do list to keep me busy. But daggone, it is exciting to visit all my books again! Here’s what it looked like late yesterday when I got started, and by late, I mean after supper, ya’ll.

This is a shot of the front door, where shelves are being moved from and the couch is going:
IMG 1423
There is a set of shelves you can’t see behind that cabinet.

Here is where the library will be:
IMG 1422

My husband does laundry on the weekend, but he does not fold. Don’t laugh, but it makes Mondays real touchy in the laundry arena. Also, there are still some Christmas presents under there.

And here is what those same areas looked like when we started again this morning. Country is helping, because she is almost as excited as I am to have all the books back. It’s…..wonderful.
IMG 1426IMG 1425

On a Mission and the Weekend Report

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I told the children today that we are not putting the tree up until the house is clean. Judging by the lack of hop-to-it-iveness, only one of them actually believes me. Nonetheless, I am committed. The house will be clean, and it will be clean before the tree goes up and if I have to do it myself, so be it. I have until the 13th of January when the extended family arrives to get my ducks in a row, and I figure 4-5 hours a day oughta take just about that long. Ok, maybe not that much, LOL.

I have a huge container of clothes set aside for goodwill, and will likely have several more. I have decided that if I am not actively waiting for a child to grow into something, it’s outta here: stained stuff to the garbage and good stuff to someone who can use it NOW. We have reached a crisis of space and something must give. I kinda like all the people, and so it must be some STUFF. Unless, of course, you have a hot tip on some Wilmington NC real estate, and then we can chat. Hurry up though, because tomorrow, I’m going back to it.

As for the weekend, I was up at 7am on Saturday, and I walked in the Christmas Parade with the Cub Scouts. Two miles. And that was two miles that I had intended to sit for, LOL. Here’s a picture of the float before the parade started. Did I mention I walked two unintended miles? Yeah, and also, I did not wear foot gear designed for such a walk. I ended up with a blister on the bottom of my foot.

pic120807 3

After the parade, with it’s unintended two mile walk, we went skating with the church youth. Now do you see why the unintended walk was a big deal? Here’s photographic evidence of that excursion, so I can use it for a reminder later.

pic120807 4

I was in bed by 8:45.

Sunday: church, run see Grandmother for probably the last time, grocery shopping, and church business meeting. I think I saw my husband for about 10 minutes, total, broken up into 3 segments, but I am not actually sure. Silly me, I thought the weekend was for relaxing!

Series of Unfortunate Events and Good Times

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Hmm, someone’s husband walked out the back door last Friday, went across the yard and opened the shed, proceeded to haul that winter clothes and Christmas decorations into the house, and pretty effectively blocked off the front door and the school shelves. Can’t do school until we get that sorted, but we can at least use the other exits.

Someone’s van door has decided it doesn’t like to close anymore and must now be wrangled into closing by that same dh and a screwdriver. Yes, someone is currently accepting car donations.

Someone has decided that since all these boxes are here in the house, and we really can’t go anywhere as a family, and Christmas is rushing toward us at breakneck speed, it’s a good time to clean up the house. Again, still. Someone got the laundry area done today.

Hi ya’ll, I’m someone.

So, what have we got going on for fun? Tonight is the Cub Scout Pack Meeting. Then Saturday, we have the town Christmas Parade. I’ll be riding the float with the scouts, and the girls will be marching with the cheerleaders. The church youth group will be leaving from the parade ending point to go to lunch and then skating.

Oh, did I mention I am officially helping with the church youth group? Yep, sure am.


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You know, something may be a little awry when a full day of cleaning, schooling and general mom-ming leaves me frazzled and unable to string three words together in a coherent and meaningful manner! Obviously this past few months of football and cheer have taken their toll on every facet of our lives, and it is going to be a struggle to get teh kids back on an even keel.

I started last night with earlier bedtimes of 8 and 9 for the boys and girls respectively. It’s time for the adults to have time to themselves again around here. Drama thwarted this by getting up around 10:30, but by then dh and I had actually managed to have a conversation about nothing without interruption, so I am calling it a grand success.

Right this very minute, I am listening to Diva and Country fight because I won’t let them have a life until they excavate the sty they call a bedroom. Yeah, I know according to the gurus I should let them keep their room the way they want, but they share space and I don’t think it’s fair to let them make each other live with the piles of whatever-it-is, so I make them clean it. Besides, we can’t find Drama’s underwear, so it’s time. Of course, if you have a sizable piece of land for sale right here in my neighborhood and connections that will enable you to put an 8 bedroom house on it, then call me. I’ll also accept donations toward an addition on our current home-HA!

Alright, listen up!

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Tomorrow, I am getting up on time, I am going to enjoy a few kidless, quiet minutes and then I am going to start us on our day. Batman has a follow up at 9am from his T&A, and we also need to have school and do some cleaning. I am going to have a vacuum this weekend or……….well, I refuse to put up the Christmas tree without vacuuming, so that’s that. And also while the kitchen is messy, and there is laundry on the couch.

We also have 2 cheer practices and then a day off and then Thursday/Thanksgiving Diva, Country and I are traveling to Charlotte. Remember I said I had at least a week of cheer season left? Regional Competition is this Friday. Nationals are the first week of December, so I may be working on some fundraising in the next couple of weeks. Unless you know of someone who would be willing to donate to help offset the $9,000 it’s going to take to get the cheer squad to Orlando. I guess I could ring up Nike golf and see if they’d do it, but somehow loud cheerleaders and quiet golfing don’t quite go together in my mind.

And somewhere in all this, I want to do that stuff I talked about earlier. In fact, it might be a good use of time to make a big to do list tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes.

Vegas Notes

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I thought I might make a few notes here about what I learned in Vegas, or at least how I plan to apply it to this blog.

*One thing I am considering is an email list, but I am not sure quite how that would work, considering the frequency with which I plan to update. I’ll look into Zookoda for that, as I think they offer a daily and weekly option. Also, they are an Izea product, and that makes me feel warm inside. I just have to stop for a moment and ponder the foresight of acquiring an email list provider. Over a year ago.

*Bring cooking and toys and school back into the Mothering Many fold. I had tried to split them out, but that’s not working so well for me, and I think it has made this a less …. sparkly and enthusiastic blog. I like sparkly. I like enthusiastic. When they belong to me, I like them even better. I actually gushed when I heard someone refer to me as “high energy” over the weekend.

*Publish on a schedule, one to three posts a day, 5 days a week.

*Rework the categories on this blog. Gosh, they are so ….. whatever it is that they are that I can’t figure out where to put stuff half the time.

*Readership. This is the one thing on my list that I cannot control. But I can do these other things, and trust that the readership will come. Right now, short stat reports that I have had between 315 and 411 uniques for this week. I’d like to see that up to 350 and 600 by a year from now, which is forever in internet life. But it’s also a traffic increase of 50% and I am pretty sure that won’t happen tomorrow. Unless each of you tell all your readers about me. What say you? <–shameless begging Ok, I think that about covers it. Next up: toys. PS, also to change the template to one that allows paragraph breaks, if I can find another one I love.

Stay at Home Dad

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Dh did not have to work today, but I have plenty to do, so I have come into my bedroom with the laptop, and he is out there playing Mom. Now, I hate to laugh, but…’s apparently not as easy as he would like to think it is to do more than breathe while caring for 7 children. Stay at Home Parenthood does not mean endless trips to the closest espresso machines. He was also a little nonplussed to find out he could not pee at leisure, but needed to get in and out of that bathroom post haste. HA! Ok, I’ll quit smirking. It’s not really becoming to gloat, is it?

Perhaps I will hurry up and do the stuff I need to do online and then go out and help him….. then again, maybe not.

Did I say focus? And SWAG!

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Cause, really, it was a mistake. I seem to be unable to do that. Instead of getting done so I can get off the computer, I find myself wasting time on the www. And it isn’t as if there is a shortage of things to get done, because I have been gone several days. And the holidays are coming, so I need to clean. Ok, for failure to perform expected motherly duties, -5. Or not. Sigh.

Oh, I did finish passing out the goodies I brought home from Vegas last night. Delta Airlines is getting a -5 as well. Or they would if I kept business performance management records. Which I guess I do, in a manner of speaking since I record it all here and there on the internet. They neglected to deliver both my suitcases with me. Therefore half my kids had stuff, and half of them didn’t. Luckily for all involved, the littlest kids stuff was what arrived first, so the older ones were able to wait more or less patiently.

You know, I really did have a point when I started this post. Which was well over an hour ago. I guess if you’ve gotten this far, you can make up your own snappy ending, because really, I am sorta over it now.

Can we say Needy Children?

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Man, I knew it was going to be crazy, really I did. However, knowing it and dealing with it are two separate issues. I’m trying to hop back on the treadmill of life, but frankly, it’s throwing me. I guess this is one of those times that I am glad I don’t have one of those incredibly large homes, because I am pretty much within ear shot of everyone, and that’s a good thing today.

I had a good time on vacation, and I learned a lot at PostieCon07. I’ve got a ton of notes to go through and implement, but I am having a hard time getting and keeping a focus today. Umm, nothing unusual in that, I guess, but after 5 days of relative quiet, I am having a harder time dealing with it all. Perhaps by tomorrow they will be more settled and so will I. I did make some notes on balancing my spinning plates on the way home yesterday. It boils down to this: My kids need me. They need me to be engaged with them from 8-2. They need me to start cooking at 7:30, so they can have breakfast at 8. I need to work from 2 until supper, and then hang out with them until 8:30ish. I can work some more after that, as they start going to bed then. That means I need to spend a lot more time focused on them, and a lot less at this desk, and now we are back to focus. I must focus, and I must train them to let me focus during that three hours in the afternoon. Period.

I’ll let you know how that works out for me, ok?

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