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Ang. mentioned the other day that she is thinking about getting a retail job. Actually, I think it was more that the idea flitted briefly across her mind and was quickly quashed by a dose of realism. Even though she has only have the number of children I do, her financial reality is similar: retail sales jobs just won’t pay enough to fund the amount of childcare she would need, and without recent work experience, that’s all we’re “qualified” for.

It just struck me when discussing this with her to remind you all to do the math if you are thinking about going back to work. All the math. Don’t forget incidentals like the lunch money if you don’t have time to pack lunches anymore, extra gas, new clothes, ad nauseum.

Off topic Saturday Using Google

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Now you are in trouble! So who ya gonna call? Even as I type that, I am humming the Ghostbusters tune, LOL!

If you are in New York and upset with your doctor, you might use Google to find an attorney to help you feel better (ha-ha, very punny, but maybe only to me, but I am not going to stop to explain it now, because I need to write this post up so I can write another one and so, here we go!). Here’s one for you: medical malpractice attorney New York.

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Everyday when I bring in the mail, I am greeted by a litany of ‘anything for me?”s. Now, my kids get maybe one piece of mail per month, but they have to ask daily. We do get plenty of junk mail though, 2 or 3 pieces a day, and it all goes in the garbage. What a waste of trees, and money! We get the phone calls, too. You know the ones. Always at dinner, always for products I would never buy, and vacations for “you and a friend”. Uh, no. Give me a va-kay for 10, and we’ll talk, ykwim?

I can tell that the people who mail and call me are not using lists from Martin Worldwide. See, Martin has developed a list of people who are proven responders to direct mail and phone solicitations. Yeah, they make mailing and telemarketing lists of proven spenders. And while I usually like to be on lists, I’ll gladly pass on this one. I spend plenty on stuff I actually think of, without someone calling me up with suggestions, ykwim?

Bad Credit Debt Consolidation

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Face it, moms buy stuff. Moms buy a LOT of stuff, and the more kids you have, the more stuff you buy, and it can get to be a great big disaster if you are not careful. You know I advocate budgeting and being wise in your finances, and it’s mostly because I’ve been burned for making poor choices. I’ve never had to get a bad credit debt consolidation, but I have looked at my options and seriously considered it a time or two. Now, the site I linked to here also has helpful articles on avoiding the kind of situation where you find yourself in a financial jam, and I think we all know it’s much easier to stay out of a mess than to get out of a mess, right? Finances are really not an area where you want to hear yourself say “if I’d just known then what I know now.”

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Ha! I looked earlier at some home theater seating. I laughed when I found out my family alone could more than qualify for a bulk discount. ROFL!! I sometimes say about grocery shopping that “family size packages mean we only have to by 2 or 3, instead of 4 or 5.” I’ve come to expect that we’ll buy food in bulk, but chairs??? That threw me just a bit.

Silly Boy

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Batman did another crazy thing today. For some reason, he thought he wanted pegs for his bike. Now, the boy is five years old, so I’m not sure who he thought would trust him enough to climb up on there to get a ride, but he bought some off a neighborhood boy. I went over to the other boy’s house to return them and get the money back. He didn’t take out a payday loan for this misadventure. Instead he, used money he’d lifted from his sibs. Sigh. We really have to work on that.

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Remember the other day I said “when our children need help, we help them“? That’s true when they are little and the problems are small–tie my shoes, help me up, help me down. And it should be true when they are bigger, too. Of course, when they get bigger, the problems are usually bigger, as well. Sometimes the problems are so big that we don’t want to admit they could happen to our kid. Sometimes the problems are indeed so large that we would give anything not to have to deal with them. And sometimes, once we admit that that kind of problem has happened to our child, and that we do have to deal with it, we also have to admit that we can’t handle that alone.

That’s where a site like 4rehabilitation can come in handy. If your child needs drug rehab, you need help, too. You need to find the resources for your child, but you are also likely to have a lot of questions, and these folks have the answers. The call is free, and the referral service is free. The number is 1-877-84-SOBER.

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It occurs to me that I should write a disclosure policy for this blog, so here it is. This blog has commercials. That means from time to time I am compensated to mention or review certain products. The compensation may or may not be revealed within the post itself. Unlike your local television station, I will try to keep the commercials relevant to the subject matter of this blog. If you have any questions about this policy, please feel free to email me, or leave a comment.


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Moms, play games with your children. You will be creating memories that will last them a lifetime. I know I am so very guilty of deleting the fun stuff when I get pressured for time, but I have to bear in mind the memories I want my kids to have of me. Playing a game with mom and dad is as much fun for little people as staying in Las Vegas luxury condos is for big ones.

Gift Tip

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If you are a mom of many like me, it can be very difficult finding mother-y things to represent all your children. I discovered this when I was investigating mother’s rings a few babies ago. Even the ones marketed as “grandmother’s rings” stop at around 5 stones. How incredibly sad is that? If you are looking for a large-family friendly item, check out places that sell Catholic gifts. You may be able to find something to represent more than 2.3 children.

And, yes, thank you, I have finally run out of space on my sweatshirt to add more kids. Three children ago, in fact.

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