Cookie Number Seven and Eight: Eat it and Freeze it

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This one ought to go without saying, but I will say it anyway, because I am a mother, and so I often have to say things that ought to go without saying. It’s just the nature of the job. So, here it is: if you made the cookies, and there they are, and you are not abstaining from them for some reason, then embrace the cookieness of it, and let go of the guilt. Enjoy it for what it is. Christmas is just such a short part of the year, and it just no fun to feel guilt over food. Either eat it or leave it, but don’t feel guilt.

Which brings us to Number Eight: Freeze it. If the holidays end before your cookie stash is depleted, stick the rest in the freezer. Don’t eat them just because they are there!

Christmas Cookie Number Six: The Real Turtle Cookie

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Nope, this one is not a repeat of number one. It just so happens that when I went to get the Turtle Cookie Dough I had talked about previously there was none to be had in the store. There wasn’t even a slot for it. It was as if I had dreamed it or something, and I was sorely disappointed. In fact, I was sore right up until I hit the chip aisle, and saw chocolate and caramel chips. Like combined, with chocolate and caramel in the same chip. Umm-hmm, I said to myself. Oh yes, I said. And so I bought them. And I came home, and I followed the TollHouse cookie recipe, except I used the chocolate caramel chips and the roasted pecans I had made, and let me tell you: THIS IS A COOKIE! This may in fact be the world’s perfectest cookie. Truly.

Totally worth the plate real estate it occupies.

Christmas Cookie Number Five: Let Them Sit

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If you are like me, then you have to taste those cookies the minute they are cool enough to touch without raising blisters on your fingers. And if your family is large and you make one batch of cookies, then they disappear in less than 24 hours. This year, I made 3 huge batches of cookies, and we have not polished them off yet, so I can finally speak from experience and tell you that cookies are so much better after they sit for 24-48 hours.

So next time you make cookies, make them a day or so ahead, and then grab one of your personalized pens and scrawl “HANDS OFF” on them. You’ll be so glad you did.

Christmas Cookie Number Four: Crush it

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Here’s a twist on a couple of old favorites. Like sugar cookies? Like butterscotch and peppermint and other hard candies? Make your sugar cookie dough, and then use your rolling pin or mallet to crush some hard candies. Sprinkle them over the tops of your sugar cookies and bake as you normally would.

Speaking of rolling pins and mallets, I am looking for a tip or seven about what to do with my kitchen implements. I love gadgets, and there are several that I would love to have, but I just don’t have any place to put them. Short of buying a dedicated kitchen tool storage cabinet, do you have any ideas for me? I do have a place I could put such a cabinet, but I would prefer to avoid that option.

Christmas Cookie Number Three: A Nutty Tip

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I did say recipes, tips and ideas, and today, it’s a tip. And, yeah, I know it’s Christmas Eve. And you know I said eight. There will be eight. Remember that we’ll be celebrating well into January. On to the tip!

When you are baking cookies, and the recipe calls for nuts, roast them with a bit of butter and salt before you add them to the cookie dough. Just a bit now. It adds a wonderful flavor. Trust me. Go roast some nuts now, because I’ll be in my kitchen doing the same shortly! I have two pounds of pecans in there just crying for some flavor enhancing salt and butter!

PS: If you’ve ever wondered why contemporary furniture is so much wider than antique furniture, tips like this one are why.

Christmas Cookie Number Two: Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

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I can take absolutely zero credit for this cookie, I simply found it on the internet. But I am going to make these Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies, oh yes I am, because bacon! in a cookie! with CHOCOLATE!!!! That’s like cookie heaven or something! I may need to order some eca stack afterwards, but make them I am. I’ll probably skip the glaze though. I don’t typically like glaze of any sort, except on doughnuts. Think that will help?

Christmas Cookie Number One: Quick and Easy Turtle Cookies

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Okay, here it is 6 days until Christmas and I have yet to post the first of the promised Christmas Cookie recipes, tips or ideas. I guess it’s time to do that, unless I plan to be a big ol’ Christmas loser, like one of those folks who forgets you wanted an unlocked phone, instead of one you couldn’t actually use.

IMG 0697

This is possibly the world’s finest Turtle cookie. It has chocolate and caramel and pecans and it. is. so. good. Here’s my secret: it’s one of the Ultimate refrigerated cookie doughs from Nestle. I know it probably sounds like cheating, but for seriously. So good. Trust me! Use them to kick start your baking, and the house will smell great and you’ll have a tasty treat while you get serious about the measuring and mixing.

Now, I had decided that our Christmas celebrations were going to last well into January even before the events of the past 10 days. Let me announce that being pre-occupied with non-Christmas things does not lend itself to being fully prepared for Christmas, and that my extended schedule appeals to me even more now. The house is finally almost clean, and then we can put up the tree. Maybe. But the cooking and celebratiing and such will go on long past December 25th here at Chez Many.

My next post, however, will be about one of the children, and while I would like to get back here today to do that, my chronic inability to be two places at once tells me that it probably won’t happen until tomorrow.

LMBO! and also introducing Christmas Cookies

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Some hysterically funny moments just don’t translate well into print, but I feel compelled to try, considering that .. weell, it was really funny, and resulted in the purchase of a new domain.

So, Diva and Country and I were cleaning the kitchen this afternoon, and Country was pretending to brag on herself for cleaning the counter. I played along with her game and said something about bowing down to her for her awesome cleaning skillzzzzzzzzzz. Well, Diva had her back to us putting flour in the canister and I guess she didn’t realize we were playing around, and she started getting offended, and asked what about all she’d done. So I made some crack about her cleaning and she was still miffed, so Country and I started giggling. I finally asked her if she realized that she was jealous because I was picking on her sister. So then she started giggling, and so I admired her for her “slenderocity” and then. And then, Country, she said, “oh, it’s like travelocity, only for slender.” And then I said, “OH SNAP, I am so buying that!” And I did. I imagine Diva will get it for Christmas.

Now onto the cookies! I got a package the other day from the fine folks at Reynolds. Now, I am not quite sure how they knew this, but I love a tin, so I was especially thrilled when I opened the box to see this :
IMG 1184

Wicked cool, right? Wait until you see the inside:
IMG 1185

Recipe cards, invitations, party tips and a sample pack of their parchment paper! I had talked with a friend of mine about co-hosting a cookie exchange, but we haven’t ironed out all the details yet. Let’s see, I have 8 sheets of the parchment paper. What if we do 8 days of cookies? I’ll post 8 cookie recipes/tips/ideas between now and Christmas. Sound good? Okay, works for me, too. And no, this doesn’t count as the first one–it’s a freebie, LOL! Look for the Christmas Cookies category to find the goodies.

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