11:36 am Frying the Bacon

Remember the other day I said “when our children need help, we help them“? That’s true when they are little and the problems are small–tie my shoes, help me up, help me down. And it should be true when they are bigger, too. Of course, when they get bigger, the problems are usually bigger, as well. Sometimes the problems are so big that we don’t want to admit they could happen to our kid. Sometimes the problems are indeed so large that we would give anything not to have to deal with them. And sometimes, once we admit that that kind of problem has happened to our child, and that we do have to deal with it, we also have to admit that we can’t handle that alone.

That’s where a site like 4rehabilitation can come in handy. If your child needs drug rehab, you need help, too. You need to find the resources for your child, but you are also likely to have a lot of questions, and these folks have the answers. The call is free, and the referral service is free. The number is 1-877-84-SOBER.

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