I Decided to Build a Library

2:11 pm Getting it Done, Having Fun, Homeschooling

Because I guess I thought writing the lesson plans, filling out some government paperwork and planning the pack meeting, and scheduling the youth group were not enough of a to-do list to keep me busy. But daggone, it is exciting to visit all my books again! Here’s what it looked like late yesterday when I got started, and by late, I mean after supper, ya’ll.

This is a shot of the front door, where shelves are being moved from and the couch is going:
IMG 1423
There is a set of shelves you can’t see behind that cabinet.

Here is where the library will be:
IMG 1422

My husband does laundry on the weekend, but he does not fold. Don’t laugh, but it makes Mondays real touchy in the laundry arena. Also, there are still some Christmas presents under there.

And here is what those same areas looked like when we started again this morning. Country is helping, because she is almost as excited as I am to have all the books back. It’s…..wonderful.
IMG 1426IMG 1425

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