Still sorting

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Yep, still cleaning. I finished the boxes of clothes that dh brought in from the shed this morning, and then went in to the boys room and helped Batman with his dresser. I gave away anything I did not have a child waiting to grow into. It felt wonderful. I sat a bin with maternity clothing in it aside, but I may go through those before it’s all over, too. Not sure how much, if any, of it is fit to hand down, because I have totally gotten my money’s worth out of my maternity wardrobe. In fact, I had to replace some stuff last time that was worn out. Yes, I actually wore out maternity clothes. Not many women can say that, LOL!

Once I get my blogging done, I plan to head back into the boy’s room and do some more in there. BUT! It’s somebody’s birthday, It’s not the child I am supposed to write about today, but I think a birthday justifies going out of order, don’t you? Hold on, there’s one more post coming up!

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