Series of Unfortunate Events and Good Times

5:17 pm Getting it Done

Hmm, someone’s husband walked out the back door last Friday, went across the yard and opened the shed, proceeded to haul that winter clothes and Christmas decorations into the house, and pretty effectively blocked off the front door and the school shelves. Can’t do school until we get that sorted, but we can at least use the other exits.

Someone’s van door has decided it doesn’t like to close anymore and must now be wrangled into closing by that same dh and a screwdriver. Yes, someone is currently accepting car donations.

Someone has decided that since all these boxes are here in the house, and we really can’t go anywhere as a family, and Christmas is rushing toward us at breakneck speed, it’s a good time to clean up the house. Again, still. Someone got the laundry area done today.

Hi ya’ll, I’m someone.

So, what have we got going on for fun? Tonight is the Cub Scout Pack Meeting. Then Saturday, we have the town Christmas Parade. I’ll be riding the float with the scouts, and the girls will be marching with the cheerleaders. The church youth group will be leaving from the parade ending point to go to lunch and then skating.

Oh, did I mention I am officially helping with the church youth group? Yep, sure am.

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