5:42 pm Getting it Done

You know, something may be a little awry when a full day of cleaning, schooling and general mom-ming leaves me frazzled and unable to string three words together in a coherent and meaningful manner! Obviously this past few months of football and cheer have taken their toll on every facet of our lives, and it is going to be a struggle to get teh kids back on an even keel.

I started last night with earlier bedtimes of 8 and 9 for the boys and girls respectively. It’s time for the adults to have time to themselves again around here. Drama thwarted this by getting up around 10:30, but by then dh and I had actually managed to have a conversation about nothing without interruption, so I am calling it a grand success.

Right this very minute, I am listening to Diva and Country fight because I won’t let them have a life until they excavate the sty they call a bedroom. Yeah, I know according to the gurus I should let them keep their room the way they want, but they share space and I don’t think it’s fair to let them make each other live with the piles of whatever-it-is, so I make them clean it. Besides, we can’t find Drama’s underwear, so it’s time. Of course, if you have a sizable piece of land for sale right here in my neighborhood and connections that will enable you to put an 8 bedroom house on it, then call me. I’ll also accept donations toward an addition on our current home-HA!

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