Alright, listen up!

11:27 pm Getting it Done

Tomorrow, I am getting up on time, I am going to enjoy a few kidless, quiet minutes and then I am going to start us on our day. Batman has a follow up at 9am from his T&A, and we also need to have school and do some cleaning. I am going to have a vacuum this weekend or……….well, I refuse to put up the Christmas tree without vacuuming, so that’s that. And also while the kitchen is messy, and there is laundry on the couch.

We also have 2 cheer practices and then a day off and then Thursday/Thanksgiving Diva, Country and I are traveling to Charlotte. Remember I said I had at least a week of cheer season left? Regional Competition is this Friday. Nationals are the first week of December, so I may be working on some fundraising in the next couple of weeks. Unless you know of someone who would be willing to donate to help offset the $9,000 it’s going to take to get the cheer squad to Orlando. I guess I could ring up Nike golf and see if they’d do it, but somehow loud cheerleaders and quiet golfing don’t quite go together in my mind.

And somewhere in all this, I want to do that stuff I talked about earlier. In fact, it might be a good use of time to make a big to do list tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes.

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