Did I say focus? And SWAG!

4:24 pm Getting it Done

Cause, really, it was a mistake. I seem to be unable to do that. Instead of getting done so I can get off the computer, I find myself wasting time on the www. And it isn’t as if there is a shortage of things to get done, because I have been gone several days. And the holidays are coming, so I need to clean. Ok, for failure to perform expected motherly duties, -5. Or not. Sigh.

Oh, I did finish passing out the goodies I brought home from Vegas last night. Delta Airlines is getting a -5 as well. Or they would if I kept business performance management records. Which I guess I do, in a manner of speaking since I record it all here and there on the internet. They neglected to deliver both my suitcases with me. Therefore half my kids had stuff, and half of them didn’t. Luckily for all involved, the littlest kids stuff was what arrived first, so the older ones were able to wait more or less patiently.

You know, I really did have a point when I started this post. Which was well over an hour ago. I guess if you’ve gotten this far, you can make up your own snappy ending, because really, I am sorta over it now.

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