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I’ve had a couple of things happen in my mothering journey lately that I want to talk about, and although they seem unrelated, my response to them is the same: Kids are kids. Like a realtor hawking “location, location, location”, I want to chant “let them be, let them be, let them be”.

We began the yearly round of dentist visits last month, and the dentist put sealants on the baby teeth my kids had. Now, I have nothing against sealants per se, the idea is sound. But then the kids were told no gum or sticky candy. Whoa and back up. Is that a dental decision or a parenting decision? Who is gum made for? And what if I prefer for my children to have starburst over a jawbreaker? In fact, the receptionist said “you’d be better off eating chocolate”. I guess I’m partly aggravated because it was not explained to me BEFORE the sealants were put on that I would need to monitor everything my kids ate forever. Sigh. Am I now a bad parent because I don’t see candy as inherently evil? Whatever. Here, you want some gum? You can brush your teeth later, but for now… enjoy!

The other thing had to do with cheerleading. (Oh, I need to post some pictures and tell you about competition so remind me, but that’s not gonna happen in this post.) I watched the competition yesterday, and while it was fun, it reminded me a lot of the beauty pageants. I saw little girls, 6 and 7 years old in full makeup. That’s just….wrong. A little lip gloss to make them feel like a princess on their special day is one thing, but these babies had on as much makeup as I did. Wrong, I say! I also saw a lot of those hair pieces with the corkscrew curls. Those did look awful cute bouncing around on the back of the girls’ heads, I must say, but I worry if it send the message to them that their own hair isn’t pretty enough, or if they see it as just a fun thing to do, like playing dress-up.

You want your kids to grow up, ya know? But not so quick. Not before it’s time.

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  1. Qtpies7~ (1 comments.) :

    Date: November 10, 2007 @ 4:02 am

    Wow, I was never told not to let my kids eat certain candy with sealants. Maybe I was supposed to know that? Well, I didn’t monitor that, like I don’t have enough to do with 7 kids! Candy consumption is not on my list of priorties.

    I had to take one of my girls out of dance class because they were dressing 4yos in SEXY clothes and doing sexy dances. NOT my 4YO!

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