Football and….. football…. and Rodeo

1:00 pm Having Fun, Play Hard

So, I finally got the kids’ game schedules. It’s not pretty. Our options seem to be stay at the field 10 hours, or make two trips most weeks. The exception is the week where most of the kids are on the field at the same time. Different fields. Yay! So far, my weekends are only eaten up through October, but I’m sure that’s because they haven’t finished the rest of the schedule yet. I surely do wish the boys were involved in a sport I understood, yk? I’ve tried, really. And dh explains it anew each fall, but I just. don’t. get. it.

See, I understand baseball. I understand soccer. I understand and enjoy the rodeo. In fact, if my kids were to get involved in rodeo, I wouldn’t mind having to be there for 10 hours every Saturday! The only ones I’ve seen live have been County Fair ones, but we also watch it on TV. I’d love to go to an event like the Houston Rodeo! The boys and I would totally get into the bull-riding and everyone else would enjoy the music and rides. Looking at last year’s Houston Rodeo Tickets schedule, I see that some of Country’s favorite acts played. If we win the lottery, maybe I can get Houston Rodeo concert tickets for all of us for next year’s she-bang. That would be rocking cool, especially if I could get my SIL and her family to meet us there!

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