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12:00 pm Frying the Bacon

Everyday when I bring in the mail, I am greeted by a litany of ‘anything for me?”s. Now, my kids get maybe one piece of mail per month, but they have to ask daily. We do get plenty of junk mail though, 2 or 3 pieces a day, and it all goes in the garbage. What a waste of trees, and money! We get the phone calls, too. You know the ones. Always at dinner, always for products I would never buy, and vacations for “you and a friend”. Uh, no. Give me a va-kay for 10, and we’ll talk, ykwim?

I can tell that the people who mail and call me are not using lists from Martin Worldwide. See, Martin has developed a list of people who are proven responders to direct mail and phone solicitations. Yeah, they make mailing and telemarketing lists of proven spenders. And while I usually like to be on lists, I’ll gladly pass on this one. I spend plenty on stuff I actually think of, without someone calling me up with suggestions, ykwim?

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