Bad Credit Debt Consolidation

1:40 am Frying the Bacon

Face it, moms buy stuff. Moms buy a LOT of stuff, and the more kids you have, the more stuff you buy, and it can get to be a great big disaster if you are not careful. You know I advocate budgeting and being wise in your finances, and it’s mostly because I’ve been burned for making poor choices. I’ve never had to get a bad credit debt consolidation, but I have looked at my options and seriously considered it a time or two. Now, the site I linked to here also has helpful articles on avoiding the kind of situation where you find yourself in a financial jam, and I think we all know it’s much easier to stay out of a mess than to get out of a mess, right? Finances are really not an area where you want to hear yourself say “if I’d just known then what I know now.”

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