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Dear Kids that I left alone:
One of you is grown and the other 15. I left you a clean house. Why did I come home to such a mess? Did you think you had been suddenly transported to one of those five star New Mexico hotels? I mean, I know we all want to be at a place where the linens are changed daily, and the maids remove all evidence of our tendency to slovenliness, and smile pleasantly while they place a mint on the pillow of the turned down bed.

But. This is not a hotel. This is home. This is where when we make a mess, we have to clean up after ourselves. And that thing where you told me I was the mom and it was my job to clean up the kitchen that I hadn’t set foot in for 10 days? Completely unacceptable. You cook it, you eat it, you clean it up.

You act like you haven’t had any raising at all. Use the tools. The vacuum is in the corner. The dishwasher packs are on the counter. The toilet scrubbing pads are in the cabinet.

Get with the program or you may find yourselves at one of those hotels. As staff. Perhaps they will give you a room in exchange for cleaning up other people’s messes. Although I think you’d be much smarter to continue to enjoy the benefit I give you here of room AND board in exchange for cleaning up your own.

One Fuming Mother

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